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I’m reopening my custom tactician commission for a little bit!

Custom Tactican Print Commission!! (how wordy)

If you wanted a custom FEA tactician based on my fea print.

This is $25 per tactician. +$5 for domestic shipping. +7 for canada and +9 for everywhere else. I ship out in a stiff envelope and because of that they always charge me double the regular fee for outside US, sorry for the inconvenience. But it’s to prevent the print from bending.

It’ll be 8.5x11 or letter size print of your tactician chilling with their idiot friends.

  • You will need to provide me with a reference of your tactician (face, hair, and expression you want me to draw them in).
  • Choose a greeting or two from anyone in the barracks (try to avoid evening or late evening mainly because the image has the sun up still, but if you still want evening quotes, i’ll use it).
  • And any small requests are free (ex. “move one of henry’s crow near my MU.” NOT “move henry next to me instead of Lissa”). If it’s too difficult I may charge more or not do it at all, but feel free to ask.

I will need payment before I start drawing. So this will be first come first served. Please email me at ylee213 (at) gmail with the above information.


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I’m also doing a grabbag style of my old letter size and smaller prints and stickers. If you were interested it’s 10 dollars (additional shipping depends on where you live, but it’ll be free shipping for those commissioning me since they already paid shipping for the commission) and it will include at least three random letter size prints from me. ex: x x x x x x x  Thanks for reading!

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I kept spamming my friend today.

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Uno rest for the wicked

im really proud of us for this one !!!!!!!

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i’d like to think that charles would use snapchat if it was a thing back then. for my friend rarpi :))

i’d like to think that charles would use snapchat if it was a thing back then. for my friend rarpi :))

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yummpumpkins asked - "What do you like most about mornings?"


im usually passed out until 10am at the earliest but the times i am awake before then, its knowing i have more time to work on stuff instead of being a lazy ass hahahahha. .. .. this was not a v interesting answer im sorry


these girls will beat you up

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Some old draws

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well this was an experience.

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che: we both started participating in a weekly korean gintama 60min thing, this week’s theme was “school uniform”

yuj: i can just imagine ginpachi sensei yelling at both pictures being like “what the hell are you doing in class you bastards”

i liked how kagura and okita looked on my draw! !!! but… it seems like all i ever draw now is gintama doesnt it..