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I haven’t had a ton of time to draw for myself lately so I feel a little rusty ha h a…. I’m going to be working on prints for ACEN so hopefully those will turn out well : )))

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i can’t believe… its snowing or hailing?? yea oh wait no it’s definitely hail right now. incredible. it’s april. chicago weather is literally the worst.

ok no, i was making this post because I’m planning on closing my online shop around mid-may bc i have some summer plans in the works so i won’t be able to bring all of my shipping supply with me :(

but because of my summer plans I need to save up. ha ha ha.

i’m planning on updating my shop with the gem cut series prints, some of the carry on wayward loser zine, and couple copies of before, after & in between anthologies. the books will have a special deals going on that i have never done, and i really doubt i would put 2012 baib books for online sale afterwards because I don’t want to risk losing them to the usps again h a h a. and I guess I’m hoping people will be interested??

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fluxperpetua asked - "I see a lot of confidence in your art style. Everything from your line art, to your coloring, and even your sketches make me want to just buckle down and fill up a few pages of sketches!"

wow…………… thank you so much.. i hope you don’t mind publishing it so i can keep it because a lot of the time I’m not super confident in my drawings.




Yes… this is the thing I’ve been working on secretly for the last little while… I’m biting my nails like nuts…

This is a Kickstarter to fund the printing for volume 1 of Todd Allison & the Petunia Violet. It’s an approximately 176 pages full-colour book with a dust jacket and a pull-out poster. The book will be 7 by 9 inches. It’s basically my dream book.

If you go to the Kickstarter page, you can watch a video where I talk about my comic in a fragile voice. PLEASE… ENJOY… (OR NOT…) 


I’m at MoCCA!!! Featuring a random guy and kawaii kat

I’m at MoCCA!!! Featuring a random guy and kawaii kat


Verbarrea Works presents our very first short collection of comics called Shared Between Two. This little book will be debuting in MoCCAFest at table F14 shared with the fantastic Dry Fish Collective!!! 

The book revolves around the subject of two people sharing a moment through an inanimate object. Each story has a different take on the theme, and features a different object chosen by the respective artists.

We will have an online version up for sale sometime in April, but until then stay tuned by following our blog: Verbarrea Works. Thanks for reading!!

FINALLY i can finally show off what we’ve been working on for so long!!!!! I’m so happy to show off our new book!! YEAH YEAH 

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a quick doodle selfie bc i look like a giant mess (grey on grey. I’m gr8) and i was bored /__\

a quick doodle selfie bc i look like a giant mess (grey on grey. I’m gr8) and i was bored /__\


I guess I wanted to draw someone crying.

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Oh yeah so I totally forgot to post that I was at the Chicago Zinefest yesterday with buncha friends. I didn’t get new comics / gem cut series printed in time, but I made this lino cut print just for the occasion. It was really fun and if I can, I want to make a new design for MoCCA!

If anyone’s interested, I’ll have them up for sale after MoCCA :)

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Anonymous asked - "10, 1, and 5 c:"

uwu thanks for waiting.. .my internet was hella bad so I was saving you until the end because it was mostly text and I really had to think about it… so I wanted to wait to post this…

Okay 10 and 1 is answered :)))

HMmm 5 is what and who inspires me. In all sincerity, my friends?? They are very creative and bouncing ideas is easiest way for me to get inspired??? And they’re usually the ones who ends up sending me interesting things/illustration/animation/etc so …. I mean of course there are artists and images that I get inspired by on a constant basis, but its really hard to pinpoint them???

That’s actually the reason why I have yet to make an influence/inspiration map after all these years…. haha…. /sweats….. I made a list of people a few years ago…  here we go. My taste has changed since then so I’m not sure how accurate it is anymore.. But that list for sure have a good portion of all the art stuff that i’ve ever liked, even if it remains imcomplete hahaha. The three people off the top of my head umm Kevin Dart, Victoria Ying and Kali Ciesemier. And everyone I follow . There’s too much.

Thing-wise, the three that I’m thinking of on the spot would be u h mmm indian couture fashion design/fashion in general, alley ways and streets of asia, and comics. I guess people wise it’s more for aesthetic and thing wise its more for my stories?? Dang sorry this is so long and ramble-y, but I hope it makes sense. At some point I wish I can narrow down my inspiration a bit more because then maybe I would have a more solid idea of what my stuff should look like.

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